China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA)

CCMA is a registered national construction machinery industry organization officially approved by the Ministry of Civil  Affairs  of  the Peoples Republic of China, which is a  social organization with a status of a legal person voluntarily established by and consisting of the manufacturers, institutes, universities, service providers and other construction equipment related entities in the construction machinery industry. Its  supervisory body  is  State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC).

The current CCMA is the consolidation of former CCMA and China Building Machinery Association. CCMA  has  more than 2,100 members, covering over 85% of the  industry. The members are from more than 10 sectors such as Machinery, Urban Construction, Transportation, Railway, Metallurgy, Coal, Building Materials, Oil and Natural Gas, Water Conservancy, Electric power, Forestry, Military Industry and Aviation, distributed in all the Provinces  and  Municipalities  and Autonomous Regions except for Taiwan and Tibet.

CCMA  has  set up 30 Branches or committees  according   to the product categories and nature of work. The  products  of the   members  companies   include  20 Categories such  as  Earth Moving Equipment,   Excavating   Equipment,     Lifting   Equipment,   Industrial Vehicles,   Pavement   and Maintenance   Equipment,   Compaction   Equipment,  Rock   Drilling   Equipment, Pneumatic Tools, Concrete   Equipment, Boring Equipment, Concrete Product Equipment, Piling Machinery, Municipal and Utility   Equipment, Arial Working  Equipment, Decoration  Equipment, Re-bar and Pre-stressed Concrete Machinery,   Construction Machinery for Army, Elevator and Escalator, Other Specialized Construction Equipment, Parts and Components for Construction Machinery.

CCMA   aims   to provide   services   to  enterprises, government and customers and to promote the development of Chinese construction machinery industry. The mission of CCMA is to safeguard the legitimate   rights and   interests   of members, and to reflect the wills and requirements of members, coordinate   the internal relations   within   the industry, implement   the   state  laws,  regulations and policies, stipulate   the   rules   and specifications for the industry, put forward the policy suggestions that   facilitate   the   industry   development,   assist   the  government to perform the macro industry management, fulfill the preparatory work of industry development planning and play the bridging and liaison role between government and enterprises.

CCMA has a close relationship with enterprises and customers, and provides services to them in an active   manner. CCMA   has   done   lots   of work in such aspects as planning, information sharing, statistics,   exhibitions,   product   research   and development, marketing, organizational adjustment, customer services, quality, consulting and pricing. CCMA has established wide contacts with foreign associations   and   enterprises   in   this   industry   and contributed   to   the   advanced  technology introduction, introduction of foreign funds, international technical cooperation and exchange, and the improvement of enterprises economic benefits and product quality.

Business   scope   of   CCMA: Industry   management; Technology exchange; Training; Organizing exhibition at home and abroad; International cooperation; Consultation service.