Another XCMG high-end product exported to North America in bulk for the first time




Recently, the departure ceremony for XCMG XC870K excavating loaders exported to North America in bulk for the first time was grandly held. It is reported that this batch of equipment is about to leave for Mexico, marking that XCMG breaks the monopoly of international giants in North American special machinery market and achieves a new breakthrough.



Excavating loader is one of the most wanted equipment in Mexico and even the entire North American market. It is widely used in utilities, housing construction, infrastructure construction, road construction and maintenance among other fields, but the market is very competitive, and customers have strict requirements on product performance and quality. For a long time, old engineering machinery manufacturers of Europe, America and Japan have dominated the excavating loader market in Mexico and even the entire North America, so it is really difficult to promote a Chinese brand locally.
In order to enter the Mexican excavating loader market, XCMG, through in-depth research and development and technical upgrading, launched the new-generation product XC870K. This product has its engine emission upgraded, structural members lightened, and working device parameters optimized on the basis of the existing mature supporting devices and technical performance, further enhancing the comfort, safety, maintainability, reliability, security and economic efficiency. It boasts a leading breakout force of the loading end, 15%-20% than that of other models of the same type; advanced structure and hinge point of the excavating end; maximum rotation angle of excavator bucket in the whole industry; strong soil holding capacity; high energy efficiency; ability to hold more accessories.
With advanced technology, outstanding durability as well as the pioneering spirit of XCMG Mexico offices and dealers, XCMG XC870K has successfully settled in the local market of Mexico and won the trust of local customers.


Photo of XCMG XC870K excavating loaders

It is known that XCMG excavating loaders have been leading the industry for more than 10 years in terms of its Chinese market share and export volume. The first export of XCMG excavating loaders in bulk to North American market is of positive significance to improving the global competitiveness of XCMG earthmoving equipment in the North American construction machinery sector.
XCMG in Mexico
XCMG formally entered the Mexican market at the end of 2015. Up to now, the marketing channel network of XCMG in the Mexican market has begun to take shape, able to provide all-round pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services and spare parts for local customers in Mexico. At the same time, XCMG is stepping up efforts to further improve the construction of its marketing channel network in the Mexican market, striving to provide better products and services for Mexican customers and reflecting the responsibility and style of a leading brand of China’s heavy machinery.